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Nino Narimanidze received an MFA from the Art Academy in Tbilisi Republic of Georgia in 1982. She attended several professional art courses at the Moscow State University of Ivan Fedorov in Russia. She then worked professionally as a book designer at “Merani” and “Khelovneba” publishing houses in Tbilisi. During these years, she produced more than 200 illustrations.


Her glass and artworks were exhibited in countries all over the world, including Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Egypt, United States and United Arab Emirates.


Nino Narimanidze spent 16 years of her life teaching art to students in Cairo, Egypt. She was the head of the Art School of Ivan Bilibin at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Cairo and worked as a Professor of Art at the High Cinema Institute (Academy of Art, Cairo, Egypt). She taught academic drawing, painting, sculpture, figure sketching, human anatomy, landscapes, portraits and perspective basics to different age groups.


Besides her accomplishments in the art education sphere, she also worked as a glass and crystal designer. She is a member of the Georgian All-National Creative Union of Artists, the International Artists Union of Georgia and the Women’s Art League of Akron.


In 2012, Nino Narimanidze moved to the United States, where she was granted an Extraordinary Ability Alien status for her talents and accomplishments.  She was working as an art instructor at the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, where she teaches drawing, cartooning and jewelry design.

Now, Nino works as an art instructor at several art studios in California, teaching painting, drawing and anatomy in various mediums to students of all ages and skill levels. 

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